Malik  (7/28/04)

A Final Name and Image for the DS 

Nintendo has finally released images of the final version of their new handheld, as found on On top of that, Nintendo has finally given a title to their system (the prior name of Nintendo DS was just the project name); which, anti-climatically, is the "Nintendo DS". So, much for that excitement. 

The new and finalized version of the DS includes about the same stuff we saw from the DS at E3, but with a more hip look to it, and an increase in the size of the buttons...on top of a slightly changed placement for the buttons. The console still yields two screens, with the bottom one having touch screen abilities. 

Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, is still holding the highest of hopes for the new handheld; 

"The Nintendo DS will change the future of handheld gaming," he mused. "Dual screens, chat functions, a touch screen, wireless capabilities, voice recognition--these abilities surpass anything attempted before, and consumers will benefit from the creativity and innovation the new features bring to the world of video games." 

Ironically enough, with the news of this potentially ground breaking new handheld, Nokia has finally shipped their N-Gage QD to American merchants today. In the world of geeks, you win some and you lose some. 

Anyway, the DS is on schedule for launch in the US sometime this fall, with at least 120 games in development (in total...details of which will make it to the US are vague so far). 

I personally would like to see this system do good (I think Nintendo is still the only console maker who has a good vision for their products...that is, they envision games before other forms of entertainment), but I still have my fears of the touch screen use...especially after hearing from E3 that the action on the new DS Metroid game will be seen on the touch screen and you use the touch screen to control Samus (I like to be able to see what I'm controlling, and if I'm using the touch screen, I know my hand is going to block at least part of the's common sense).