Malik  (6/23/04)

Tales of Symphonia is Golden brought some news that can only be described, by RPG geeks like myself, as hella sweet!  Tales of Symphonia for the GCN has gone gold!  

While this is totally expected considering that ToS is due out in less than 3 weeks, it is still good news with how many games are getting delayed on this year's release calendar.  This is especially cool for GCN owners who have a need for RPGs...of course most people who only have a GCN and love RPGs have a few screws, I should say "are complete idiots".  However, considering the last great real RPG for the GCN was more than a year ago (Skies of Arcadia Legends), this is even better news.  At least now one good game due out this year now has an actual set release in it's future.