Malik  (6/10/04)

Some More Phantasy Star

It seems Sega/Team Sonic has some more plans for Phantasy Star in mind.  So far, the few details that have emerged are that Phantasy Star Universe is the new name (or at least the code name of a new Phantasy Star entry).  Sadly, Sega is not letting too much information out at the time.  The official site for PSU contains a short movie with some concept art, and some fancy catch phrases and questions.  Sadly, I didn't go to the site for questions, but rather I wanted some answers.

Sega is not even letting details out on what style of RPG we will be seeing sometime in 2005...assuming it makes it to the states (the site above, if you haven't looked yet, is quite Japanese).  We're given such questions, from the short movie, as, "Phantasy Star Online 2?" and "Phantasy Star V?".  So, what is this movie supposed to be, concept art without a concept?  All that is escaping is that this game should, in theory (in theory communism works...) revolutionize RPGs, or PS, or something, and that the game will take place in a new world with the same familiar bright visuals that the PS series is so well known for.

As more news comes out, I'll be sure to get it posted since I'm as diehard as a PS fan can be while not being too strongly attracted to PSO.  For some more thoughts, check out Malik's Bitchings tomorrow.