Malik  (6/3//04)



Lionhead Studios, the dumbasses who brought so many empty promises of Fable being released sometime in the future without ever setting any release dates, at all, have finally set a month of release for Fable.  According to an FAQ at Lionhead's Fable web site, Fable will see the light of day (and my the DVD drive of my XBox) in September.  For those who live in PAL regions, Fable will come out the following month.  While there is no solid evidence that this month will be met or even an actual date, I can't help but give into the hope that has been smashed so many time by Lionhead.  I'll keep you all updated as more is revealed...hopefully more good news and not the lame usual news of Fable being delayed.

So, to keep track of things, we now have a month set for Fable and a date set for Halo 2...XBox could be doing some major ass kicking the rest of this year if this type of news holds up.

Molyneux, if you hold true to this promise, all is forgiven...