Malik  (5/4//04)

Phantom Brave Coming to the US!

According to the people of, Altus will publish Phantom Brave for the US audience.  This is great news for geeks like me who feel that the quality and quantity of good RPGs is scarce.  For those who don't know, Phantom Brave is another strategy RPG from the geniuses at Nippon Ichi who also gave us Disgaea and the very soon to be released (as in tomorrow) strategy RPG La Pucelle Tactics.

This game should come to the US sometime in the Fall.  Which will give a good healthy supply of RPGs through the end of the year when taken in conjunction with La Pucelle Tactics (May), Tales of Symphonia (July), Star Ocean 3 (in theory theory communism theory...), then Phantom Brave.  Plus there's the promise of Jade Empire...might be a good year after all for us story loving geeks!