Malik  (10/18/04)

Half-Life 2 Does The Unexpected...It Goes Gold?!

According to all signs, especially the Rumor Control feature for this week at, Half-Life 2 has done what many have feared would be 6 months out, due to a certain court decision...Half-Life 2, by all signs, has gone gold.

You might have noticed that I sound a bit skeptical. Well, I still am. No matter how hard I try to be excited and full of hope, I've seen my hopes smashed too many times with the big 3 FPS titles of this season (HL2, Doom 3, Halo 2)...most of all, with HL2. However, barring any random decisions on both companies behalves, the game is gold and will be available in a couple weeks. Which, for those who aren't keeping score, sets it for a release right around Halo 2's release of November 9th.

On that matter, I guess, once again, we are seeing too many good games of the same genre at the same damned time, once again. This is pretty poor decision making to me, as both games are going to do incredibly well in sales, and the geeks are going to have to make a hard decision. Well, the geeks who have both high quality uber-PC and an XBox. Those who have crap PCs or no XBox will have it really easy and good.

So, unless something comes up with no warning, HL2 should be here quite soon. I'll keep you posted on the ETA.