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Malik (7/16/12)

A few observations from this weekend. I mean it was yet another weekend in which I just didn't spend much time gaming. In fact, I didn't spend a single minute gaming and the closest I got was watching the Sounders take on the Red Bulls.

First off, I have to say Windows Update, my video card, and Google Chrome all seems to hate each other. Actually, maybe Chrome and my video card are fine with each other, but the latest round of critical Windows updates has left me in an annoying place. I cannot any longer, using Chrome pinned to my Windows 7 taskbar, use any of the tasks associated with Chrome. I can open Chrome, but to open an incognito window (having multiple gmail inboxes to check, it's easier to have an incognito window open) requires more steps than a right click and a left click. It only gets more aggravating when, due to an update, I cannot use a HDMI audio output from my PC without rebooting my PC each time. It's worse when the latest updates slowed down my reboot time by about two whole minutes.

Secondly, I really would have liked to see the Sounders win. If they were going to be going with a draw, it would have been cool to not be scored on by a former Sounder. It also would be nice, if a draw is in the works, to see Roger Levesque on the bench for his last ever MLS game.

Lastly, mattress shopping is a whole new world of weird for me. A test drive in a car is fun. Testing a home theater setup before buying is fun. Laying on a mattress while someone observes and asks questions is just weird.


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