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Malik (4/18/11)

I've been a bit bad on posting lately. Well, I would say that, but I have actually been in some background garbage related to posting. The short version of the story is that my web host has pulled some goofy things on me lately along the lines of claiming I violated some TOS clauses, while also acknowledging that I solved the problem...and then suspending access to my domain, while saying I didn't solve the problem but also that the steps I took to solve the problem were fine but went beyond what I needed to do. In other words, I corrected a problem, but due to some automation of the tech support or something like that, I didn't correct the problem.

So, in saying this, I also must say that this may be the last post I put online for maybe a week or so. I'm getting my act together and ending some of my lazy ways. It's hard to act, even on a problem you know exists, if it's something that you can always put off for another day. My problems have been two-fold; my web host is not what I'd call stellar (expensive at double the price of some competitors, but with far more limited of service) and my site is starting to look antiquated.

The web host issue will be simple enough to fix. Looking online, I've found a few highly reviewed hosting companies that seem to be quite solid in offer a lot more for a lot less than I currently pay. It helps that my current service contract ends in about a month and a half. This is the perfect time to jump ship.

As for my site being antiquated...yeah...I've been too complacent in using FrontPage 2003. It was once a great web development tool, but the web has evolved and FrontPage, as being a single piece of software, doesn't change with the times. So, to solve this antiquated feel, it's time to look around at the web and see who is out there to step into the role that I've loved FrontPage performing for the last half a decade. I also need to find who can do this on the cheap (believe me, there are plenty of great web development suites, but I don't have to cash to throw at many of them).

So, while the site goes through hosting changes, things may go offline for a few days. Once it does, the site will be fully uploaded and back to what you see before you. After that, I may be slow on new posts as I look for a way to get this place looking less "quaint" (nice word for looking old and obsolete). Until this work is all done, I'll be hard at work in the background, and I'll be ever vigilant in continuing my addiction to Pokemon White (such a great game to lose yourself in).


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