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Malik (2/7/11)

I'm happy to see that we can have another good Super Bowl. I mean the last decade (or two) have had, at best, maybe one good Super Bowl and then a really lop-sided snoozer. It started to look that way about two minutes before half time. If the score remained 21-3 at the half, I don't know if there could have been much excitement. However, with the Steelers fighting back to try one of the best Super Bowl come-backs I've seen, I have to call the game damned good.

Of course, the game also seemed to serve another purpose; can the players convince Goodell to drop the 18 game season idea through massive injuries. I mean the Steelers lost one player and the Packers lost three in the first half. Not what I call a good endorsement of a longer and more injury prone season in the future. It especially doesn't help when the Packers are losing some of their best players (like a defensive player who earlier returned an interception for a TD and their number one receiver). Still, despite the problems on the field, the game remained solid and exciting until the final Steelers drive. Or at least it was fun if you discount the third quarter being nearly a non-event.

On the other side of the big game, the commercials this year were about some of the worst I've seen. I cannot believe Doritos, Pepsi Max, and Bud Light would spend $3 million per spot to air some of this crap. It was like they wanted to remain as family friendly as possible, at the expense of entertainment. I mean if you're dropping more money on a 30 second ad than it costs to produce a 30 minute sit-com, then you should make it worth remembering. After the game, Velveta wanted to watch some of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, and they had some far more entertaining ads which probably cost a fraction of the cost to show, but had many of the same themes.

Anyway, the NFL season is now officially behind us all. There's still the draft to look forward to, but this could be it for quite some time. With the CBA breaking down in a month and no real sign of the players and owners getting together, it might be a longer than usual break from the NFL. I'm hoping it all plays out in favor of starting up another season in the fall, but if it doesn't, this will only hurt everyone involved; the fans, the players, and the owners. More than that, it will definitely hurt the Seahawks, who look to be ready to keep their rebuilding moving in the right direction. If the game continues, then the NFC West could finally get interesting between the Seahawks and the Rams.


Malik (2/11/11)

I have been busy in a sense lately. By "in a sense" I mean that I am working on my backlog of games from the December Steam sales. Now I've entered the world of Fallout: New Vegas.

I would go into details on New Vegas, but the game is getting on in age (a few months old) and all is already known. The only thing I can add is that it is hard as hell going from Fallout 3, in which I was super powered at the end, to playing New Vegas, in which I am once again a newbish wimp. I mean I am back to scavenging for 10mm rounds and sticking to mainly a 10mm pistol as I hunt for my favorite weapons of Fallout 3 (hunting rifle, sniper, combat shotgun). I'm also stuck with some cool guns that I cannot afford to use due to how rare they are to try to repair them. I mean I'm loving the cowboy repeater, but I've found three so far and am down to nearly breaking the damned thing.

I can say that New Vegas is a nice addition to the Fallout style of present (Bethesda Fallout). The game is keeping up the vibe of Fallout 3, while adding plenty of new twists to keep it interesting (like the addition of factions, more companions, and a lot more ideas behind the plot). I'm also digging the lower level of dungeon crawling. I mean exploring a rocket factory is great, but exploring endless sewers to keep to new places is definitely not missed. I can see why Fallout 3 had so many sewer and subway tunnels to explore, since the setting almost required them, but it became a chore to explore new areas. Instead, New Vegas seems a bit more open, but with the solid control of paths of some really challenging monster populations.

Anyway, I'm only about seven hours in and feel like I've barely started. There is just too much to do and not enough time to play it all (especially since I'm not on vacation like I was when I started Fallout 3). I see this game owning my life for quite some time...or until Dragon Quest 6 (DS) comes along and demands an equal share of my geeking time.

I'm also getting caught up in balancing games with the real world (job hunting and chores) as well as concerts. Seattle is doing pretty good on the concert front for me lately, with STP and Bad Religion a couple months back, Social Distortion all this weekend (going tonight), The Presidents next weekend (not going...only so much money I have to toss around), and Bad Religion with Rise Against in April (going to that one). It's just too bad that all great concerts seem to come in the Winter months, when it's cold as hell and usually pretty wet. Considering I hate the thought of paying for a coat check, and Seattle concerts require parking a fair ways away if you don't want to drop $15 for parking...well...let's just say it's a long cold walk back to the car after a concert when you're drenched in sweat.


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