Monthly Archives: February 2018

It’s All Fun and Games – Fe: The Final 2 Hours

Things start off a bit frustrating as a new mechanic is thrown in to Fe right when I’m trying to remember how to play this game. However, the payoff soon pays off when we get back into the stride of things. I don’t know if the best things in life are Fe, but Fe is still pretty great.

It’s All Fun and Games – Fe: The 1st Four Hours

I dive into Fe on a special long form of It’s All Fun and Games. This is a special game that seems to tap into some hints of Ori and The Blind Forest, Journey, Beyond Good and Evil, and a strong flavor of indie. Also, you make progress by singing to animals, and learn the importance of the innocence of children.

It’s All Fun and Games – Shotgun Legend (Series)

I spent a few days diving into what may be one of my favorite Zelda clones, and possibly the best take on an 8-BIT style Zelda…except maybe the final boss. Grab a shotgun or two, some dynamite, your cooler, a banjo, and maybe some alien weaponry; it’s time to be a Shotgun Legend!

Also, this series ends a touch early because…that final boss…ughhhh. Once I stop having fun, it means it’s time to stop recording the episode of It’s All Fun and Games.

Infinite Deaths – Celeste

It might not be infinite in count, but I think I easily broke four digits of deaths as I faced inner demons and scaled the mountain named Celeste.