Monthly Archives: September 2017

Extra Life 2017 Game Day Today!

The show will be found here from 8am today until 10am tomorrow;


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It’s All Fun and Games: Super Fancy Pants Adventure

For The Kids! we send my beard off on a final fruitful adventure in streaming with pants most fancy and talk of multitasking. This covers the end and a good chunk of replayed Super Fancy Pants Adventure, so please be warned if you think seeing the end would spoil the game, you should buy this super refreshing wonder.

Infinite Deaths: Splasher (Part 4)

I beat Splasher and have my thoughts on this game rapidly change as the poor controls go from being a fact to being a liability. There is some anger and negativity to end this episode.

Infinite Deaths: Splasher (Part 3)

I got a free lunch today, so let’s see if that translates into more good fortune as I take another trip into the death filled world of paint, water, and Splasher.

Infinite Deaths: Splasher (Part 2)

This starts with a lot of deaths, smooths out for a level or two, and ends with a lot of my deaths. This is a crazy game that strangely feels good when life is not feeling so nice.