Monthly Archives: March 2017

It’s All Fun and Games: Luna Sky

On a new episode of It’s All Fun and Games, I play something described as a “chill out platformer” in the Steam reviews. Will I find a chill game? Will I find out how to skate? Will I be reminded of Uniracers? Will I turn away from Metroidvanias and start to play Sonicvanias? Wait, did this game invent the idea of Sonicvanias? I think, by the time the dust settles, we may have found a winner, despite some bad character model design.

It’s All Fun and Games: Spaceport Hope

I’m trying another metroidvania game this week as I try to find something easy, fun, relaxing, and evokes a sense of adventure. Spaceport Hope starts that way, but soon the random chance of cheap deaths (on easy mode!), keyboard only controls, and a slightly dull environment shows it’s true colors. I guess if you need an homage to Cave Story, you can go worse. Otherwise, just enjoy some free Steam codes (until they are claimed) and watch a shorter than usual episode.


It’s All Fun and Games: forma.8

I am back with a different Metroidvania. This time I’m forma.8, a probe stranded on an unknown environment. Maybe we’ll have something more introspective after the difficult challenges previously faced with Valdis Story…I hope. Either way, let’s get exploring this new world as I give away another Steam code.


It’s All Fun and Games: Valdis Story: Abyssal City (#3)

I return with a final dive into Valdis Story: Abyssal City. It starts off great with a quick level up and quickly devolves into frustration, repeated challenges, and a boss that is pure frustration. I do get a few Steam codes out to the world and have a good feeling in my heart to start the stream, but I’d call this stream a less than perfect occasion.

I should also add, between some projects going on in my life, allergies, and putting my contacts in the wrong eyes this morning…this may be an interesting video.