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It’s All Fun and Games: Valdis Story: Abyssal City (#2)

It is time to return to Valdis Story and many more deaths as I stumble through blindly. I am on the hunt for missing friends and the parts of a divine key….and yet I ended up finding the angel key (that’s a thing…?) and getting locked out of town in the worst way possible. When all seems lost and annoying, I find a boss where I didn’t expect, and find another boss that seems to be the exception to Valdis Story bosses by being all about the button mashing.

In the end, I may get lost, but I do not die and two bosses do while I even revisit an old puzzle with much more skill and success.


It’s All Fun and Games: Valdis Story: Abyssal City

A good friend recently said “When you’re not feeling right, sometimes a little nostalgic gaming is good for what ails you.” It’s not quite nostalgic, by a good Metroidvania type game and a chat into the void of the internet seems like a good match for today. I should add that I’ve never played Valdis Story before, so this may be an interesting video. Also, this one goes a bit long (four hours!? Am I crazy?!).

Also, I’m giving away some Steam codes since I have some sitting around and I feel like giving some enjoyment to whoever may want it. I humbly ask that you say in chat or the comments if you do claim one of these games and which one. Thanks!

It’s All Fun and Games: Leaving Lyndow

In honor of Valentine’s Day (A.K.A. Candy-Not-In-October Day), I decide to play a game that is short, sweet, and filled with the feels of a village and family that has nothing but love for a soon to depart protagonist. The game may be short, but characters make a quick and strong impression, the visuals are striking, and maybe I glitch a bit as I learn to fly (flying is not a feature).

Special shout out to my wonderful wife who gave me the Lego Joker you see me waving at the start of the video as a Valentine’s Day present.

Be good to each other and nothing but love for all of you on this day of love and kindness.

57:46 It’s All Fun and Games: La-Mulana

I take on a simple looking Metroidvania about exploring and conquering tombs like Indiana Jones. What I didn’t know is that La-Mulana is better. Better than what? Better than me! This is a hard and insane game. If you can handle it, I have so much more respect for you*!

*: Always have respect for everyone.