Monthly Archives: January 2017

It’s All Fun and Games: Ori and the Blind Forest (Definitive Edition)

Let’s go with something cute, fun, and shows the reason for needing bravery as we continue to face a world of fear and anxiety. Ori can be our beacon of hope in our dark spooky forest of ruins.

It’s All Fun and Games: Nefarious

Since it seems like morality may be in a weird state of limbo right now, maybe it’s time to be the big bad. Maybe it’s time to be the one who kidnaps the princess. Maybe it’s time to be Nefarious in this new run of It’s All Fun and Games!

P.S. I’m sorry about any political ranting, but seeing the US federal government declare was on the environment in the span of four days (two of which being weekend days) is depressing. Let your representatives know that you want the EPA funded and you want a protected planet.

It’s All Fun and Games: Rise & Shine

In the name of a stressful weekend beginning, I think another round of streaming is needed for this week. Let’s see if I can Rise & Shine to the occasion with a game about guns, puzzles, platforming, and cute cartoon visuals.

This game is not easy, might be a bit short, has some tricky controls, and can be frustrating. However, it pulls it off with class and charm!

On a serious note, no matter how you feel about people, beliefs, religion, races, classes, or anything else…be the good you want in your world.

It’s All Fun and Games: Divided By Arcadia Zero

I start out this episode hoping for some Tiny Build insanity with Divided By Sheep and soon learn that it’s what would be a fun mobile game that teaches mathematical problem solving. Sadly, this is not what It’s All Fun and Games needs for a winter evening…

…So I turn to Gunmetal Arcadia Zero for a blast of retro NES style nostalgia. Sadly, this is another game that just doesn’t feel right for a winter evening and feels a little too much retro nostalgia and a little too little classic fun.

It’s All Fun and Games: Four Sided Fantasy

My computer should be running again (it received a power supply transplant a few days ago), so I will revisit a great game I played a bit of during my Extra Life 2016 stream. Four Sided Fantasy is a great puzzle game that takes standard puzzle mechanics and platforming and turns it on it’s head with unusual wrap-around screen mechanics.

I do manage to finish the entire normal game and test the waters of New Game+ in this episode.