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It’s All Fun and Games: Even the Ocean Part 5

We take down thew final two geomes and face the impending apocalypse in the final act and a half of Even the Ocean. Will we have a happy end or a bitter sweet experience that teaches us some introspective lessons? Only time will tell as we pull the final curtain on this indie gem.

It’s All Fun and Games: Even the Ocean Part 4

Act 3 ends and Act 4 begins with a bang. Just when we think we’re about to end the geomes, it all goes pear shaped. Are you ready for a new continent? A new set of dungeons? A new type of puzzle? A new NPC? An all new chapter in this expansive game?

This chapter is a bit surprising in many ways.

It’s All Fun and Games: Even the Ocean Part 3

We begin the third act of Even the Ocean with questions and suspicions. We end this video knowing we have about one more left in the tank for this chapter of It’s All Fun and Games. Join us as we face the Geomes and try to save a civilization that might be beyond redemption.

It’s All Fun and Games: Even the Ocean Part 2

Let’s continue into our exploration of Even the Ocean. What new developments will pop up? What is causing the Plants to malfunction? What new voices will come out of Kevin? Why is this game called Even the Ocean anyway? Let’s watch and find out!

It’s All Fun and Games: Even the Ocean Part 1

We kick off this first episode with the newly released Even the Ocean from Analgesic Productions LLC, the same developer who made Anodyne a few years back. This game intrigued me when I saw it at PAX a couple years ago and I think we’re in for a good time on this first It’s All Fun and Games.

Clean Slates and Clean Hearts

Howdy friends,

This is a bit of a long post, but I hope you will all stick with me as I dive into a few thoughts.

The World:

I’m not sure about everyone, but I think we all have found some new stresses in our lives in the last year. Between Brexit and November 8th, 2016, the world has gone a bit crazy. To tell the truth, I don’t care if you voted for or against any individual, as long as you voted with nonviolent thoughts and a tolerant heart.

If you’re afraid, concerned, bullied, or feeling anything else bad because of elections or votes, you are welcome here. I want to create a safe place to just enjoy games, enjoy life, and feel happy with who we are.

The Studio:

With that being said, I let this place stagnate. The last time we saw this web site, it’s was made in FrontPage 2003 and there were no updates since June 23rd, 2013. It’s not that Geek Asylum Studio has been dead. We’ve done Extra Life in 2015…

and Extra Life earlier this month in 2016…

I’ve also been working each week recording and doing post-production work on the Infinite Lives Podcast.

However, I’ve let Geek Asylum Studio grow cold and stale, which feels wrong for the site, state of mind, and company that was one half dream, one half escape, and one half a place I called “a haven for your geeking needs” when I started this place back in April of 2004.

Why Now?

Good question! I’ve been under a lot of stress. Remember that opening part about the world? Yeah, I’m a member of the world, and I’m there with all of you in just wanting things to be good and friendly. I aim to avoid politics, since we’re friends and politics are not what one should discuss with friends. If you have a Facebook profile, you probably are feeling the same right now.

Geek Asylum Studio is my creative outlet, and I want to make it into a safe place for people to enjoy themselves while also serving as a business if I ever start to charge for my audio producing.

Is There Something Else?

OK…you caught me holding back. I don’t aim to talk politics, but I also think we’d all be better talking more freely without worrying about the other party laughing or teasing. I find it hard to say that, for example, I’m in counseling…like that’s a crime or weird. It’s not! Always take care of yourself and your loved ones.


On one hand, I have felt some distrust and disrespect from friends. Like I tried to make clear above, communication is amazing and to censor ourselves, we only cause problems and pain. Always speak from your heart to those you respect.


If you checked out those Extra Life stream archives above, you have seen both my rec-room where I do my best TV watching and my worst Rock Band playing, and my home studio (the Geek Asylum Studio studio). These are my safe spaces, my havens, and they will soon be nothing more than a memory. I’m losing my house due to (sorry about a brief mention of politics) a recent vote in the November 2016 elections. This isn’t a “I’m moving to Canada!” thing. I’m looking at eminent domain on my home.

This is my first house I’ve owned (…OK…had a mortgage for) and the only house I’ve had where I’ve had my own pets (two adorable corgis), gardens including a greenhouse, and studio. It’s been a dream and losing it has been a bit of a nightmare.

So, instead of going down in a depressing spiral, I’m making memories!


Yeah, it may only be a “property,” but I’ve had many great times in this old 1959 house with the most awful color scheme known to man. So, I’m going to stream, podcast, and enjoy this place.

“It’s All Fun and Games”

I’m starting a new series that will eventually settle in to every Tuesday at 3:30pm (PST/PDT). For now, it’s a bit uneven since I wanted to start with Even the Ocean, which is available on Steam starting 11/16/2016 (a Wednesday), and I have Jury Duty that goes beyond 3:30pm on 11/29/2016. After that, I want a regular schedule for It’s All Fun and Games.

The theme of this stream is fun games in a polite and fun environment. Family friendly, so I can happily share with my amazing single digit aged nephews.

“Indie Showcase”

For games that are indie or feel that way (see Valiant Hearts, Grow Home, etc). The stream may go a bit more R rated in language.

“Infinite Deaths”

I play hard games with many deaths. If you know BattleBlock Theater or Super Meatboy, then you know what is coming. A hard R rating on the language is expected.

Anything Else?

I hope to get Brie (my wife, seen on the Extra Life videos) to join me sometimes. I also want to podcast solo a bit more. Most of all, this is going to be a place for safety and fun.

Final Thoughts?

Yes. I hope you all join me in a peaceful, tolerant, and respectful escape into a world of fun and happiness. Also, if you need help with audio recording or post-production, drop me a line. I’m good with doing the work or with giving advice.


Kevin Nelson

Twitter: @heponwana