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Preposterous Gamer #13: Owning Yourself

Tonight on the Preposterous Gamer connotations, denotations, bifurcations, alienation, and altercations.  Plus revocation and liberation from expectations bringing jubilation.  All that and more on the Preposterous Gamer.


This time around Kevin just needs to blow off some steam about people who would rather plug their ears than be part of any healthy community.

Infinite Deaths: Battleblock Theater #5

Just when things seem their most grim due to poorly designed puzzles, the game tosses a bone in the form of some fun and interesting stages. Kevin wants this to end, but then he suddenly finds new hope and may even become sad about the impending ending that may be just a single episode away.

How will things turn out? Will Kevin find the right weapon combination? Will the hat gun become the hero of this round? Watch and find out!

Infinite Deaths: Battleblock Theater #4

Kevin continues to try to find a cure for his friend who is stuck with a blessed cursed hat.  His journey will take him to discover saw blades can kill you quickly, lasers are jerks, cats only want happiness (while killing you), and fireballs are fun and dangerous in the hands of the untrained.  Most of all, the lesson of the day is that there shall be many deaths.

Infinite Deaths: Battleblock Theater #3

Kevin resumes his theater of blocks that battle on St. Paddy’s Day, which means green is on the menu.  Also, repeated audio commentary is on the menu since I left my damned live stream audio on.  I guess the first (of many) deaths for the day is my dignity.