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Category Archives: Infinite Deaths

Infinite Deaths – Celeste

It might not be infinite in count, but I think I easily broke four digits of deaths as I faced inner demons and scaled the mountain named Celeste.

Infinite Deaths: Splasher (Part 4)

I beat Splasher and have my thoughts on this game rapidly change as the poor controls go from being a fact to being a liability. There is some anger and negativity to end this episode.

Infinite Deaths: Splasher (Part 3)

I got a free lunch today, so let’s see if that translates into more good fortune as I take another trip into the death filled world of paint, water, and Splasher.

Infinite Deaths: Splasher (Part 2)

This starts with a lot of deaths, smooths out for a level or two, and ends with a lot of my deaths. This is a crazy game that strangely feels good when life is not feeling so nice.

Infinite Deaths: Splasher (Part 1)

I bring back my old not-so-friendly friend; Infinite Deaths. This is a series where I play a hard game that will keep killing me until I either beat the game, or the game breaks me.

We start off with Splasher, which takes the platforming hell, saw blades, and lasers of Super Meatboy, but adds the paint weirdness of Portal 2.

Why do I do this to myself? Because it’s there…or something.

Infinite Deaths: Battleblock Theater #5

Just when things seem their most grim due to poorly designed puzzles, the game tosses a bone in the form of some fun and interesting stages. Kevin wants this to end, but then he suddenly finds new hope and may even become sad about the impending ending that may be just a single episode away.

How will things turn out? Will Kevin find the right weapon combination? Will the hat gun become the hero of this round? Watch and find out!

Infinite Deaths: Battleblock Theater #4

Kevin continues to try to find a cure for his friend who is stuck with a blessed cursed hat.  His journey will take him to discover saw blades can kill you quickly, lasers are jerks, cats only want happiness (while killing you), and fireballs are fun and dangerous in the hands of the untrained.  Most of all, the lesson of the day is that there shall be many deaths.

Infinite Deaths: Battleblock Theater #3

Kevin resumes his theater of blocks that battle on St. Paddy’s Day, which means green is on the menu.  Also, repeated audio commentary is on the menu since I left my damned live stream audio on.  I guess the first (of many) deaths for the day is my dignity.