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Category Archives: Preposterous Gamer

Preposterous Gamer #13: Owning Yourself

Tonight on the Preposterous Gamer connotations, denotations, bifurcations, alienation, and altercations.  Plus revocation and liberation from expectations bringing jubilation.  All that and more on the Preposterous Gamer.


This time around Kevin just needs to blow off some steam about people who would rather plug their ears than be part of any healthy community.

Preposterous Gamer #12: GOTY 2014

Tonight on the Preposterous Gamer did someone say game of the year?  No?  Well that is what you’re getting.  Best licensed game, best RPG, best multiplayer game, best Infinite Lives/Infinite Deaths game, best anime game, and more before Kevin tells us his GOTY!

Preposterous Gamer #11: 2014…This Happened

Kevin looks back on 2014 and all the great things that happened.  Great things like doxxing, threats, deaths, broken games, bad embargoes, failed hype, and…ummm…I’m sure something good happened in this mess.