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Category Archives: We Caused This…

We Caused This…Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (I’m Actually Excited)

As a backer on Kickstarter, I must face what I helped bring on this world…for better or worse. This is on my shoulders.

Today I think I’m in for a treat. As a fan of the Shantae games, this Kickstarter was a no brainer. I’m expecting a beautiful game, solid game play, a fun story, and a plethora of fun powers in a Metroid style exploration game. I have been wrong before, but I think this should be fun!

We Caused This…Mighty No. 9: All Three Parts


I backed Mighty No. 9 when I thought that was a good idea. I guess you could say after playing this game I feel like an…ehhhh…anime fan on prom night.

I play through all of the game in three videos embedded below. It starts pretty bad, but it only gets worse as the difficulty goes from easy to frustrating, the visuals keep looking like a fake game made for a TV police procedural, and the voice acting only gets more annoying with time.

Can anything redeem Mighty No. 9? Spoiler: No.

Only you can prevent bad Kickstarters.

Don’t let friends drink and crowd fund.

A bunch of money is a terrible th…

Screw this game.