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It’s All Fun and Games: Rise & Shine

In the name of a stressful weekend beginning, I think another round of streaming is needed for this week. Let’s see if I can Rise & Shine to the occasion with a game about guns, puzzles, platforming, and cute cartoon visuals.

This game is not easy, might be a bit short, has some tricky controls, and can be frustrating. However, it pulls it off with class and charm!

On a serious note, no matter how you feel about people, beliefs, religion, races, classes, or anything else…be the good you want in your world.

It’s All Fun and Games: Divided By Arcadia Zero

I start out this episode hoping for some Tiny Build insanity with Divided By Sheep and soon learn that it’s what would be a fun mobile game that teaches mathematical problem solving. Sadly, this is not what It’s All Fun and Games needs for a winter evening…

…So I turn to Gunmetal Arcadia Zero for a blast of retro NES style nostalgia. Sadly, this is another game that just doesn’t feel right for a winter evening and feels a little too much retro nostalgia and a little too little classic fun.

It’s All Fun and Games: Four Sided Fantasy

My computer should be running again (it received a power supply transplant a few days ago), so I will revisit a great game I played a bit of during my Extra Life 2016 stream. Four Sided Fantasy is a great puzzle game that takes standard puzzle mechanics and platforming and turns it on it’s head with unusual wrap-around screen mechanics.

I do manage to finish the entire normal game and test the waters of New Game+ in this episode.

It’s All Fun and Games: Glittermitten Grove

Let’s play a fun town building game about faeries…and definitely not Frog Fractions 2 in disguise. This may be a weird episode, but it may also be amazing as we dive into the weird.

The video ends abruptly since my PC has decided to hate me and start a descent into death.  Sorry…

It’s All Fun and Games: OneShot

OneShot is a adventure game about Niko, a child with cat eyes on a quest in a strange land with a dead sun.  It is up to him to bring a new light bulb to the tower in this world, which will become a new sun.  Along the way Niko encounters a world of broken or abandoned robots, puzzles, and mysteries.

Luckily he is joined by me.  I literally mean me, Kevin.  As Niko travels, I search my hard drive for hidden files, including documents that have gone missing from the world of OneShot.  If this sounds fourth wall breaking and meta, it is.

We Caused This…Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (I’m Actually Excited)

As a backer on Kickstarter, I must face what I helped bring on this world…for better or worse. This is on my shoulders.

Today I think I’m in for a treat. As a fan of the Shantae games, this Kickstarter was a no brainer. I’m expecting a beautiful game, solid game play, a fun story, and a plethora of fun powers in a Metroid style exploration game. I have been wrong before, but I think this should be fun!

It’s All Fun and Games: ICEY

ICEY is the story of a subversive 4th wall breaking narrator and and android who may make the narrator lose his patience. It’s half great 2D action game and half battle of wits.

I intentionally skip a good portion of the game. Go out there, hit Steam, and try the game for yourself. It will make you laugh and feel happy about life in general.

It’s All Fun and Games: Even the Ocean Part 5

We take down thew final two geomes and face the impending apocalypse in the final act and a half of Even the Ocean. Will we have a happy end or a bitter sweet experience that teaches us some introspective lessons? Only time will tell as we pull the final curtain on this indie gem.

It’s All Fun and Games: Even the Ocean Part 4

Act 3 ends and Act 4 begins with a bang. Just when we think we’re about to end the geomes, it all goes pear shaped. Are you ready for a new continent? A new set of dungeons? A new type of puzzle? A new NPC? An all new chapter in this expansive game?

This chapter is a bit surprising in many ways.

It’s All Fun and Games: Even the Ocean Part 3

We begin the third act of Even the Ocean with questions and suspicions. We end this video knowing we have about one more left in the tank for this chapter of It’s All Fun and Games. Join us as we face the Geomes and try to save a civilization that might be beyond redemption.