Mr. X (10/5/04)

TimeSplitters 2 (PS2)


The Point: The story ( or the reason youíre fighting ) is that the human race has almost lost the war with the time splitters, who are in control of the time portal. Your mission is to take control of it and destroy it. The character you play as is Sgt. Cortez, a tough space marine. At the beginning of the game you see a cut scene of Sgt. Cortez and Corp Hart (only in 2 player can you be her) fighting the evil TimeSplitters at the space station where the portal is located, but as you get to the portal and itís crystals the time splitters scrambled the crystals away into different times of human history, which is why you travel into different times.

Game Play and Story: The game play and story are both nines. Why? Because the game play couldíve had a little more character involvement. The only interaction going between you and the NPCs is fighting; it would have been nice if you could talk to bystanders. Now to the shooting part, well its not hard but it isnít that easy; medium difficulty.

Audio: The music was good and the voice acting was decent. The music fit very well with each level and setting: there was Western music for the Old West level and swing music for the Old-Time Chicago level. The gunfire was close to real, but not quite there. So, a ten for the music part ,a seven for the voice acting, and an eight for gunfire .

Controls: The controls werenít bad; movement was easy. No problem with shooting, and switching weapons was easy too, so a ten.

Misc: TS2 had a nice little mapmaker in which you could create a map in certain styles like virtual (which looks like the movie Tron) or an inside of an alien ship. All of the unlockable characters like Duckman Drake, Ginger Breadman, Snowman, and tons others are a nice touch (multiplayer mode is more interesting with these characters). This all gets a nine because the mapmaker was a little hard, you could not make an outside map, and the size of the map was somewhat limited.

Overall: I think the overall score for TS2 is a nine. The game play was fun first person shooting, the music was great, the bonus characters were amusing, and the multiplayer mode is perfect for any fan of the old Goldeneye N64 game.