Malik  (9/13/04)

A Truly New Wild Arms Title In The Works 

According to, a new Wild Arms title is in the works. This new titles will go by the name, Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator, and is set for a spring 2005 release (which is probably not in any way related to the US release date). 

This is the game that was originally known as Wild Arms: Another Code F (not to be confused with the remake of the first Wild Arms game, WA: Alter Code F), which is due out in the US in...blah...the next couple of months. 

There is currently a small amount of information, including a vague look at four of the games characters on the official teaser site . No real information will, in all likelihood, be available until WA4 is properly shown off at the Tokyo Game Show. Sadly, the only real information that one can find at this time is that many of the old conventions of the Wild Arms series will be altered or eliminated. Considering innovation is usually the slayer of a good RPG series (where would games like FF8 or FFTA be if they held true to the originals? Definitely not considered some of the worst of all time, that's for sure), this is not good news for any of the Wild Arms hardcore fans. Previously the ARMs system was altered with Wild Arms 3, thus giving the all-powerful ARMs a much weaker and less important role (and making combat pretty lame). What changes are coming to WA4 is probably going to be the key information addressed when WA4 is shown off at the TGS. 

If things remain true for Wild Arms 4, then the story of the previous titles will be remotely related as another several hundred to thousand years pass since the conclusion of Wild Arms 3. Typically the plots of the prior Wild Arms titles bear no direct tie in with the overall plot of a new sequel, but the world and the deepest parts of the historical back story will hold some confluence. More news will be posted as it becomes available.