Malik  (8/26/04)

The Long Wait Is Almost Over for Fable

After several years of planning and development, numerous changes and rumors of changes, and over a year with delayed release dates, Fable is finally going gold. While many people have grown tired of Fable and the hype that some led to rumors of disaster, this game still promises to bring about some interesting innovations that have never before graced the world of gaming. 

Fable, for those who don't know, is an RPG for the XBox that promises to give almost complete development control of your character to you, the player. If you act kindly towards people, the world will learn to praise you, and if you're evil in nature, the world shall shun you. On top of that, you can select any type of weapon from a simple stick, to a blade, to even a frying pan. Plus, as you perform tasks, the method you utilize will effect your character's growth (physical actions will make you buff, agile and dexterous feats will make you thin and wiry, and if you think out problems you will end up a balding fat mage-type). As you play, every possible decision is put into your hands to handle as you deem best (imagine the good and evil progression of imagine that process having a total bearing on the game and not just a minor imagine it even bigger than we're almost there). 

Considering the lack of quality RPGs on the XBox, this game, which should arrive in the next 3 weeks, will definitely help to fill the void with a good mix of action, adventure, and RPG game play elements.