Malik  (8/23/04)

Official GTA:SA Web Site 

Rockstar has finally brought about their official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas web site. This site also includes the much anticipated first trailer for SA. 

If the previous recent GTA games are any indication, this site will continue to grow long after the game is released. However, the information will probably reach epic levels long before that day rolls around. For the time begin, there is some nice info and, of course, the first GTA:SA trailer. 

While the game is looking pretty good so far, in the visual and audio departments, I am still keeping my fears front most in my mind...most of which would be the whole required eating thing. Recently some government organizations around the country have began a release of nutritionally educational games for children and for parents who receive food stamps. These games are meant to serve as fun educators to the concepts of balanced diets, proper food storage (what goes in a freezer, on a shelf, etc), and proper purchases by a money conscious shopper. I mention all of this because it makes me think of SA in which you have to eat enough to remain healthy, but not so much that you become fat...maybe Rockstar now is making edutainment...maybe...blah. 

Anyway, the site is up and the game looks good so far. However, until I play the finished results of Rockstar's labors, I'm holding my final opinions in's definitely too early to get too excited.