Malik  (7/06/04)

Update on MDN: The Birth of a Bad Thing

Many weeks ago I brought you all some news on a new idea that seemed to be coming from Microsoft that dealt with a new TV show that featured XBox Live competitions. Well, there is some more information out there on the web site.

It seems that MDN (which I still have no idea what it stands for) will be a weekly show on Spike that will air "at 1:00 A.M. on Spike TV each Saturday night, beginning July 10, 2004". I assume they are just being idiots and mean Sunday morning at 1:00 A.M., but that's just me nit-picking over a stupid word choice...we do have new days beginning at 12 A.M. for a reason (so we can know what the hell people mean when they say 1 A.M. at "night").

Anyway, this new MDN show sounds like the worst style of G4-ish pandering for ratings possible. Basically the show is being filmed at the Vogue Theatre in Hollywood (always a good sign for attracting the geek ratings...sarcasm, it's a beautiful thing). The show is being described on the site as "a fully caffeinated blend of live comedy, action sports, large-scale party games, fresh music, and edgy short films,". I think this means that it's aim will be as diverse as possible to ensure that it will get no ratings what-so-ever since the ravers (who won't be home watching TV at this time of "Saturday night") will be clubbing at this time, the geeks don't give a shit about the "fresh music", no one will care about the "edgy short films" unless they have no artistic quality at all, and the posers (who would be interested in all of this crap from a "fully caffeinated" perspective will be in bed by this time or trying to find a virtual g/f on Evercrack. So, long story short, this might be good for a laugh (before it gets canceled) if you get home from a night of drinking a little early.

The only thing I hate more than TV geared towards poser geeks (like G4) is TV just geared towards the ultimate uber-posers (those who would find the films, "fresh music", "party games" and all that crap to be cool). Blah!