Malik  (6/8/04)

Take Two to Delay Unnamed Games

Take Two Interactive Software, the publishers of the Grand Theft Auto series announced that they will delay some unspecified games.  While they have assured the general public that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will not be included in this delay, the details were otherwise not too specific.

I think it's obvious that GTA:SA would not be delayed since it stands to be such a cash cow for Take Two and Rockstar, and will probably be in the top five best selling games for 2004.  Plus, I don't think Rockstar would let Take Two publish another one of their titles if GTA:SA got delayed by the publisher.

Sadly, we won't know what was delayed until Take Two stops sitting on their thumbs.  It seems that if it wasn't for GTA, they would have gone out of business already.  Business-wise, they have their heads so far up their asses right now.  I hope they get their act together, since I can't help but be a fan of any company involved with bringing GTA to me, but this may be a long shot.