Malik  (6/7/04)

MMORPG Lovers, Bad News

Microsoft has announced that their (to some) highly anticipated MMORPG for the XBox, True Fantasy Live Online is no longer going to be. For those who were looking for a FFXI equivelent on the XBox, this is definitely a sad bit of news.

Microsoft was hoping to capture some more Japanese players with TFLO to supliment the almost complete lack of fantasy titles on the XBox.  I guess Microsoft realized the fatal flaw that they just can't compete in certain genres.  Usually, the genre in question is anything that has the letters R, P, and G in it.

Personally, I wasn't expecting much from this title, considering the fact that for MMORPGs right now, FFXI is king on the consoles and there are far too many titles to name for the PC in this field.  If Microsoft wants to really capture some of the Japanese audience with RPGs/fantasy titles, I think the real answer lies in the east.  In other words, Microsoft needs to try to lure some more Japanese developers over to their side if they hope to succeed.  I mean who would know what to captivate the Japanese audience with more than a Japanese developer?  I think no one.