Malik  (4/22/04)

Microsoft Announces a New TV Show

On the news front, it looks like Microsoft (with some sort of conjunction with Pepsi) is putting out a new TV show of some sort called MDN.  The details seem to say that there will be some co-op/team and some free-for-all games involved.  My only thought so far is that this sounds an awful lot like Arena on G4, but with a complete XBox/XBox Live twist to it.  So far, details are pretty sketchy, except how one can apply to be on the show. 

Currently Microsoft is offering "skilled gamers" only some details of how to apply.  Check out the link for details, but to sum it up, anyone who wants to try out is invited by the XBox web site to send in a 2 minute tape to explain why they think they're cool enough to be on MDN.  These gamers must be 21 or older and available to be in LA for 10 days of non-stop XBox competitions and must have no affiliations with MS or Pepsi.  Also, some undisclosed "prizes" are up for grabs.  Hopefully Microsoft will make more details available, but for now, this is all I can find.