Malik  (3/11/05)

Fable: No Longer a Beta 

This news is all over the net right now, but I chose the IGN version to link you all to, since it's a little more detailed. 

So, remember this game? Yup. It's coming to the PC this year. The PC version is going to include everything cut from the XBox version, with some extras. In other words, as my friend Meat Shield put it; we XB Fable players played the beta, while the PC players get the real game. 

The PC version will go by the moniker of "Fable: The Lost Chapters" (why not "Fable: PC Teh Pwnzors XBox"?), and will include about 1/3 more content than the XB version had. This includes new equipment (armors and weapons), new quests, new secrets, new monsters, A FREAKIN' DRAGON!, A NEW LAND TO EXPLORE!, and the ability to use a weapon and magic at the SAME FREAKIN' TIME! The caps are not because I'm excited, but rather that I feel Mr. Molyneaux has let us XB Fable buyers down. This could easily be an expansion disk on the XB, or even a lot of downloadable content. I know I'd buy an expansion, and even pay for the download. However, instead, we are being given the shaft. 

While many people had abandoned Molyneaux after Fable came out and was shown to be potentially short on the XB (potentially, because a dedicated player could make it a long game and never repeat stuff...I had 30 happy hours of new experiences), I never felt disappointed. I like Molyneaux's excitement (which led to him telling what he wanted in the game, and later led to disappointment by many). It was refreshing. I liked his vision. I even loved the game. However, to be left out in the cold like this is just wrong. We XB players paid for a full game, and now we learn, that for the same $50, PC gamers will get 1/3 more game. WTF?!? For shame, Mr. Molyneaux...for shame... 

Nintendo Pulls a Family of Rabbits out of Their Hat 

So, Nintendo has gone crazy with surprises. As reported by Gamespot; at the GDC, Satoru Iwata (that's the president of Nintendo) announced some major news for Nintendo fans. Hell, this is cool stuff for even former fans who feel like Nintendo has wandered astray.

First off, not only if there more info on the new Zelda...that one that looked so awesome when we saw Link riding a horse at the last E3. There is a freakin' trailer that will make your jaw drop to the floor. This game will be the anti-Wind Waker. While WW looked all bright and cute (which is not's just the style of the game), this un-named Zelda game is dark and creepy, yet strangely beautiful. Just check out the trailer (at Gamespot...or look on Google and you'll find a thousand sites that have it). This is Zelda as I always pictured the game as a kid. It's dark, creepy, exciting, and it feels like only Link can save this twisted and decaying world from the forces of evil. This trailer makes me feel like a kid again in a way that only Nintendo and Miyamoto could do. This is why I love Nintendo (not as a fanboy, but rather as someone who loves to feel like the world still holds something to stimulate my inner child).

Secondly, Iwata said how the DS will be going online by using certain online hotspots. While this is not overly good for those of us who live in more rural areas, it's great news on the whole. I could just see hitting a Barnes and Nobles or Starbucks (the places that usually have WiFi) with my DS at lunch time to play some games with some friends who are also on their lunch break and doing the same thing. This will be awesome. Not only has Iwata revealed this will soon be a reality, but he evens said how Nintendo already has the servers in place...Nintendo went ninja with this. Also, best of all, this will be a FREE online service. I love Nintendo about now.

Last off, Iwata said how the Revolution (the next Nintendo system) will be 1337. First off, we have backwards compatibility, which is always good news for those of us who are loyal to a company. Secondly, we have WiFi out of the box. Yes! Nintendo has decided to jump into the mdoern age. I just hope they don't pull a Microsoft and abondon the concept of split screen (I need to play in the same room as my friends at times...especially with games like Mario need a physical rivalry). Last of all, the hardware sounds pretty nice. IBM is making the CPU while ATI continues to be the GPU masters. From the sounds of it, all Nintendo needs to say is that split screen is still important to them, and maybe that a new Smash will be a launch title, and I'll be the first to pre-order.

Way to go Nintendo.